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Alpine Blooms

March Madness 2021

And just like that the summer months are gone, and we have fresh snow on the mountain tops. Cooler autumn mornings are the indication of things to come but we should have a few more summer days left before frosts will pay us a visit. This year the season has been a hard one to work with in terms of sales. With no tourists and overseas weddings coming into town we relied heavily on New Zealanders to get married and enjoy their day down south. And although most of the weddings did get to go ahead, we had a few cancelations due to lock-downs in Auckland. But local market has saved us and for that I am truly grateful!

We had our little stall outside, and people have been so good at supporting us that we will keep doing this next season as well. The stall is out there to stay, and we hope to have dried flowers available for anyone crafty in winter and fresh flowers should start popping up there from September onwards. It is extremely humbling to see people stop by and make themselves a bunch of flowers or even just enjoy the colours of the stall. Thank you, Wanaka, and Hawea for supporting us and stopping by.

Our DIY wedding sales have also increased this year and I am extremely grateful to all the brides that trusted us with your blooms for the big day! Alpine Blooms farm started with DIY bridal in mind as I had a few friends who wanted to do their own thing and did not want big elaborate arches or hanging installations on their wedding day. But they found it extremely hard to find flowers that can be bought in small amounts and be different. You can go to supermarket and get some blooms to make a couple of bouquets but if people wanted to have a few jars of flowers on tables or anything like that the auction was the only place to go and for non-florist it is quite hard to get in fast and get what you want.

So Alpine Blooms Farm was born in my mind to help all the lovely ladies out there. We grow a bit of everything to make sure you can order a mixed bucket of your colour choice or 2 or 3 buckets. And we deliver a day or two prior to the event and let your imagination run wild. DIY brides are honestly one of my favourite orders as I love seeing excitement when we deliver flowers and how busy the brains get in seconds designing their bouquets or table arrangements. It is an absolute joy to watch! If you are a bride that wants to do your own thing send us an email and we are happy to chat to you about the upcoming day! We also love receiving photos of your creations if you feel like sharing with us.

Finally, are our florists! We had incredible support from Queenstown team of florists this year! Thank you so much. We love seeing all the creations with our messy mixed buckets. It is incredible what gets created with a bucket of mixed blooms. Thank you for discovering us and ordering from us as well as promoting our business! We love you all, but I would like to thank Kyla at Bespoke Weddings and Events, Sarah from The Flower Room and Amy from Little Botanica. You ladies have been amazing to work with and we are so privileged to have you ordering from us for all your projects.

What is coming in autumn! Well, we have quite a busy season coming up. March has already started with a few orders for our florists. The stall will keep being stocked every 2-3 days just how we have been so far. We are hoping to carry on with Dahlias and Sunflowers as our big-ticket items. We are starting to pack things up on the farm and getting ready for winter with ordering seeds and bulbs and getting rows ready to plant these bulbs. Our last months of stall and sales this season will be in April. We are expecting a top-up to our little family in May and therefore will not be able to attend to the farm at full capacity in May. April will be the month to say hello to our Chrysanthemums and we are hoping that we did it right this year and they will be nice and straight on the stem, last year we have fed them a bit too much and they grew higher than me and curled up around the glasshouse.

We are looking forward to next season 2021/2022 with more time spend on the farm and more variety. Feel free to contact us any time to talk about flowers for your wedding or event and we would like to hear from you about things that you would like to see us grow next season.

Time to buy seeds and therefore time to plan for all of you lovely people; colours, varieties and shapes, we will listen to what you would like to see on our farm.