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Wedding Flowers by the Bucket

Do you like the idea of designing your own floral arrangements for your wedding or special event? Buying bulk flowers can be a budget friendly option for brides who have the time and talent to create their own designs.

From September through to May, we offer buckets of seasonal and sustainably grown flowers for do-it-yourself weddings and special events. Each bucket contains a mix of fresh cut seasonal ingredients, including focal flowers and foliage.

Have a read of our 2020 season update which includes some great tips on selecting flowers and how to go about working with florists for your dream event.

Please view our colour selection, tell us what you’re looking for and we can help you have the best day of your life!

Please note we are closed for the winter season but inquiries about weddings September-April are welcome.


  • $105 per mixed colour bucket of blooms (60 stems growers choice of colours and blooms)
  • $130 per selected colour bucket of blooms (60 stems growers choice of blooms your choice of colours)
  • $55 per mixed bucket of greenery (30 stems growers choice of greenery)
  • Specific blooms are from $1.40 per stem
  • Specific greenery from $1.30 per stem


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Send us your flower request

If you have any special requirements with your order, please make sure you let us know. Once your request is sent through, we will give you a quote for price so you can approve and we can book in your wedding.

Please make sure you add to your request:

  • How many buckets you think you’ll need
  • What colours you want
  • What time of year is your wedding
  • Do you need greenery/foliage?
  • Do you need help with arrangements or finding a florist?

I work with many florists in the Wanaka/Queenstown area and can help put you in touch if you need it.

    Some things you should consider:

    Do you have enough time?

    The week of your wedding can be a hectic time for many couples, and it is easy to underestimate the time you’ll need to complete your floral designs—from flower pick up and preparation to final set up and placement at your event. Make sure you have sufficient time and help to complete the tasks at hand.

    Do you have enough people to help?

    Floral design for weddings isn’t something you’ll want to tackle alone, especially for beginners. Wanaka has many talented florists that spend days preparing flowers for many events. They have big teams and even bigger personalities to tackle all the gorgeous weddings in the area. Make sure you have enough help to support you.

    Do you have space to do the design work?

    Flower arranging is messy work and you’ll need a space that is cool, has access to water and where it won’t matter if it gets wet and dirty from all the cut leaves and stems. Make sure there are no pets present as well as some plants can be poisonous when eaten or can cause damage to paws like rose spike in the paw.

    Do you have the tools you'll need?

    You’ll need heavy-duty clippers, buckets, vases, flower food and other supplies.

    Do you have the ability to transport and store the completed items?

    If you are doing the design work somewhere other than the event space, you’ll need to figure out how to safely transport lots of vases filled with flowers and water to your final destination. If you answered yes to all of the above, then DIY designs with fresh, local, seasonal flowers might be a great option for you. If you are not sure about anything or feel a bit pressed for time, Alpine Blooms farm does supply all the local florists in the area and their wonderful teams will make your day gorgeous with no flower stress attached. Just let the ladies know you want our flowers and we will work together to make your day special.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I order bulk flowers?

    Please complete our contact form by indicating your interest in bulk flowers. We will then confirm availability of bulk flowers for your date. Once confirmed, we ask for a down payment of 50% of your order. The balance will be due upon receipt of your flowers.

    How many stems come in a bucket?

    The number of stems will vary and depend on what varieties are in bloom at that time of year. We estimate that each bucket will have approximately 60-85 stems.

    How many arrangements can be made from each bucket?

    It depends on your vases. As a reference, you could make 5-7 mason jar bouquets from one bucket, depending on how full and lush you make your arrangements.

    Can I request specific colours?

    Our bulk flower offering and special pricing is for mixed colours only. If you have a specific colour palette you’d like us to stick to, we will do our best to accommodate your request (for example, no oranges or reds) but due to our small scale and our other event design work, we cannot provide colour-specific buckets.

    Can I request specific flowers?

    If you have a particular favourite, we will do our best to accommodate you, but our bulk flowers are purely seasonal and reflect what is in bloom at that time. Some premium flowers will likely wind up in your bucket, but specific flowers should be ordered by the stem or by the bunch separately, please go to our wholesale page to see what is available.

    Can I order smaller quantities of specific flowers?

    We offer all our flowers at wholesale prices and they are priced per stem or per bunch. You are welcome to but specific varieties separately from your bulk bucket order. Please check out our whole sale page for list of our plants and their prices.

    Do the flowers need to be refrigerated?

    It is recommended, but not required. If you don’t have access to a large cooler, you can store them in a cool room or basement, out of direct sunlight and away from food and pets.

    How long will my flowers last?

    It depends on the variety, but most flowers will last for a week if cared for properly. Please consult us first if you want to store them for longer as some varieties will not last for more than a week.

    When can I pick up my bulk flowers?

    Please allow yourself plenty of time to prepare your arrangements. Make sure you have a plant and timeframe in place before picking the flowers up. Please also communicate to us your timeframe as we don’t live on the farm and have to be there for pick up. For your Saturday weddings we recommend you pick up on Thursday afternoon when the heat of the day is gone. However with at least a week notice we can cater for any day pick up. We can also deliver, please note that delivery charge will change depending on the distance travelled.

    Should I bring my own buckets?

    Bringing your own buckets is not necessary, since buckets are included. However you are welcome to bring your own.

    Can you help me with design?

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide tutorials as we are the growers and not qualified florists. There are several florists in the area that hold annual workshops and can potentially organise something like this for you, however please note that they will not be able to arrange your flowers unless this has been arranged between you.