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The Flower Box

Alpine Blooms farm has a small stall at 20 Camp Hill Road that is operated as an honesty box/account number. We stock this little stall roughly every second day through summer period.

In spring you would be able to get your flower fix with daffodils and tulips but only while stocks last. We stock up with loose blooms and usually don’t have bunches available in the stall. This is to allow your creativity and to cater for every taste. Come and look through our mixed buckets and make yourself a bunch.

On special occasions like Valentines day or Mothers day we stock the stall with little bunches of flowers starting from $15 each for your convenience.

If you would like us to make a special bouquet for someone who needs a treat we can certainly do that, please just contact us through the contact page and we can go from there.

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Please note that Alpine Blooms farm is a seasonal grower and we do not have any heated tunnel houses to grow flowers in winter so in winter we are going to stock our stall with dried flowers for all the creative souls out there. When dried flowers run out we will be closing the stall for winter season.

You should expect to see the following flowers in our stall:

  • September: daffodils
  • October: Tulips
  • November: Peonies
  • December: Lilies
  • January: Gladioli
  • February: Dahlias
  • March: Dahlias
  • April: Mixed wild flowers
  • May: Chrysanthemums
  • June, July, August: dried flowers and Hellebores.

Plus we strive to have a mixed bucket of goodies for you available with all other flowers we grow.

Need More?

Feel free to contact us any time if you would like us to reserve a bunch of flowers for you or if you would like to order in bulk for an event that’s coming up.