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Alpine Blooms


Hi everyone! In this month’s update there are roses! I’ve given into the pressure of wanting roses and florists wanting roses and loving roses too much. I blame my year at VanLier nurseries for this one. I am super excited to start growing all these beauties. They came to my door step at the end of last month and went straight into the ground on the boundary of my plot.

Roses have always been part of my life. My granddad had about 5 bushes of pink roses that were always his pride and joy. He never ever let anyone look after them or mess with them. He did not really care for any other flower in the garden as well. Roses were it! As a little girl I always wanted to pick them and share them with all my friends as they were absolutely gorgeous, but we only were allowed to pick them on special occasions to give to people as gifts. Anyway, years passed and I still can’t help but buy pink roses for people, in fact no matter how much I tell myself not to buy pink roses I always end up with pink in the bouquet, it must be a thing.

So for my farm I am very excited to announce a few beautiful varieties. They are all strong producers as well as highly scented. These were my main demands to the suppliers. A rose should smell like a rose! So a few favourites like David Austin varieties as well as a couple of interesting colours like Blue Moon (lilac coloured variety).

Without further delay here they are:

  • Milky Way (Interway)
  • Courage (Meicairma)
  • Aotearoa-New Zealand
  • Deep Secret
  • Blue Moon
  • Kia Ora (Suncral)
  • Graham Thomas TM (Ausmas)
  • Ausblush
  • Austin Wonder
  • Winchester Cathedral
  • Dioressence
  • Tineke

I will treat all my roses as a garden rose and will not try and have the production all year around due to the Central Otago climate so look out for some beautiful roses from November 2019. Can’t wait to see them all flower and put a smile on people’s faces.