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Alpine Blooms

Spring has arrived!

Hi Flower lovers! We are so excited to see blooms opening and sun warming things up. Spring has definitely come to our part of the country and we can’t be happier.

We had amazing support from our local community as soon as we opened up our little stall (when COVID Level 3 allowed) with flowers selling out within 24h of being put out in the stall. Thank you so much for supporting local small businesses and enjoying little bit of spring in your house.

Our tulips are coming up fast and I dare say it we will have first tulip blooms in the stall by mid-September, which is very early for us but it is super exciting at the same time! Other plants like Ranunculus are working hard as well with their blooms only just coming up but we should have them available very soon.

We are working hard on working our soil and sowing seeds for the summer season with a few seeds almost ready to be transplanted out and some already out in the ground. So overall things are moving pretty fast for us and we are seeing new growth on our perennial patches already.

We can’t wait for the color explosion that is about to happen on the farm and hoping that everyone is keeping safe and loving this little bit of warmth from the sun! Fingers crossed we won’t have any major frosts from now on (we can handle light frosts but nothing over -3C please) and we should have proper mixed buckets available for you from November as well as well awaited peonies.

We are also working together with some family to spread our patch into different locations around the area to allow us to grow certain things like Hydrangeas and bearded irises as well as a few more peonies. This project will also mean we can potentially stagger growth of some other plants like sunflowers as areas that we are taking over have a completely different microclimate compared to ours.

We just wanted to bring you this little update and say hi and to say we are going to come back to full Instagram activity from now on, so watch this space for all the updates on what is coming and what is available.

Thank you again for all the support and we look forward to spreading flower magic around our beautiful region.

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