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It is currently absolutely blowing a gale outdoors and feels like everything is really struggling to stay upright! This is how we feel about this passed spring… Buckle up as we sum up these past 3 months of Central Otago madness! September started with a hiss and a roar, we had orders pouring in and DIY weddings being organized and life

As the last month of autumn passes and we move into winter, it is time to plan for next season and learn from the season that passed. In the last few days I had a few people ask me what I am growing for next season. For me each month is highlighted with one particular flower that will be the most

April! The temperature is dropping, and winter is definitely in the air. That means the bulbs can be planted. This weekend we are giving ourselves a bit of a break and going into the mountains for a hike and a hunt but next week the bulbs will be in the ground. It is funny to think Spring when really it