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And just like that the spring is coming to an end. I know we still have a month of Spring Blooms to harvest but it definitely starting to feel like summer is just around the corner. As this is my first year growing for market I only grew a few varieties of Tulips and daffodils for this spring and boy oh boy did they sell! Well lesson learned. Next year I will be planting twice as many tulips (if not 3 times) and Daffodils should be a bit more established and producing a bigger and better crop.

I know I keep saying different plants are my favourite, just as they come up and start flowering but really tulips are my ultimate favourite! The colour and abundance that they produce is incredible and they are tough little plants with not much care needed. This year we had 3 varieties that we could not sell as they were a bit too short but that just means I have usable bulbs for next year and they will be reused and replanted in autumn to give us more beautiful blooms in spring. I am going to save as many bulbs from this year as I can and replant them in a different patch to see what happens next year. Most of the tulip bulbs are usually used for 1 year and then just thrown out but it seems like such a waste to me so I will try and do things a bit differently.

This past weekend I managed to visit the biggest tulip grower in New Zealand. These guys only grow for bulbs and they do not harvest their flowers as this damages the bulb. It was amazing to see fields of tulips in the middle of all the dairy paddocks. Their techniques and expertise were also awesome to see. Obviously I cannot implement a lot of these techniques as they are growing millions of bulbs each year while I am in the early thousands but nevertheless the girl can dream! And of course I could not leave the place without ordering some bulbs for next year. Under the article is a list of the varieties I’ve got planned for next year.

All these are pre-ordered or already in the ground and will be dug up and replanted for next year. I am sure that I will also buy a few more varieties from other suppliers if I see something that I like. I will be experimenting in 2020 yet again and trying to grow tulips in pots and under cover to extend the season so watch this space.

And for now we have Anemones coming up as well as Ranunculus which I am very excited about. The first delivery of these beauties is going to Queenstown tomorrow so let the last month of spring begin! All summer annuals are doing extremely well and some of them are planted out and ready to grow. After this growing season I will be testing the soil and rotating crop as well as adding required nutrients into my soil so 2020 growing season is promising to be bigger and brighter already.

If you have any questions about what is coming up or what is happening on the farm the easiest way is to follow me on Instagram @alpine_blooms_farm I do regular updates and little videos of my adventures and try and keep everyone in the loop about what is happening and what is coming up. Thank you to everyone who has been following and ordering my flowers. You have been a great support for a beginner grower! Here is to a great summer in beautiful Central Otago!


So these are the varieties that will make an appearance next year at Alpine Blooms: