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Alpine Blooms

Winter Rose


Last month of winter and it definitely feels like spring is just around the corner. Tulips are coming up, Hyacinths are all ready to go and Daffodils are all budding up, but still no flowers. This is how most of August went past. But then there was an amazing new arrival onto the farm! I got Hellebores. Such a beautiful addition to the small plot. These guys are absolutely awesome! They bloom when nothing else is around and brighten up any shady spot in the garden. The colours are varied and go from dark reds and purples to glistening whites and lime greens.

To get these beauties onto the farm I drove down south and got them straight from the breeder. It was so nice to be able to choose your own flowers as well as learning the wisdom of how to grow them from experienced breeders. I managed to fit in 3 boxes of plants into my car and promised them I will be back for more next year, when they have more awesome varieties.

On the arrival home I could not wait to share the beauty with the local florists and I drove those boxes straight to them, showing all the varieties that will be available soon. Well the florist could not resist the colours either and straight away ordered a few stems for an upcoming winter wedding. So I had a day to plant them and cut some stems and deliver them to the team. It was my first real delivery and I was super nervous about how they will keep. See the problem with Hellebores is that they are absolutely lousy drinkers. As soon as they are cut they like to wilt and it is impossible to get them back up right. I spent the afternoon reading up about methods of harvesting and storing Hellebores and I am pleased to announce that cutting straight into cold water as well as searing them as soon as possible worked a treat! Another method is to leave them till they start to develop seed pods which supposed to keep them happy for longer. Unfortunately I could not wait for that long so the flowers were cut in all different stages, but I will definitely keep that in mind for next time.

So usually this is where I name all the varieties for you, but not this time. As I picked up all the experimental varieties from the breeder they are all unnamed. I mean there are a couple that were named but even the breeder himself could not remember, so we are left with just pictures for you. On the farm I have separated them into the following groups:

  • Single spotty
  • Single white
  • Single yellow
  • Single deep red
  • Single vintage
  • Single white with black centre
  • Double spotty
  • Double yellow
  • Double white
  • Double deep red
  • Double vintage

As a reader I hope you guys will come up with some names for these beauties. But for now if you would like to order some for your home or for an event coming up, please let me know and I will let you know the availability of any particular type. They are all flowering now and happily producing new buds as we speak. So feel free to contact me and grab some winter cheer from your local grower.